I am interested in slow rhythms. These can be natural, like the tides or the cycle of the spring tides. They can be artificial, such as the overlaying of different rhythms in the music of Steve Reich.

‘Waiting’ contains a collage of photographs of plants and animals living on a rock near the beach. It seems to be an underwater picture, but it is not. The rhythm of their life is governed by the tide. Two times a day the animals are aroused during high tide that feeds them, as opposed to our day/night rhythm. They are simply there, for years and years, unseen by humans.

I doubted before printing ‘Waiting’. I was afraid of the esthetic qualities of the collage – it is ‘beautiful’, remarkably close to kitsch. It could be a wallpaper or a background plate of an aquarium in a Chinese restaurant. But finally, I thought I would not be consequent with my own principles if I did not print it.

Technical aspects

  • Print on advertising tarpaulin
  • 255 x 55 cm (smaller then the other photos from ‘Timelines’)