Rocks and Rabbits

Rocks and Rabits

The perspective of a (really) long period changes our vision about the human existence, the world, and the human presence in it.

‘Rocks and Rabbits’ is about life. First, there is the rock, that slowly glides towards the right side, to the sea. Finally the sea will swallow it. But then other rocks will have taken its place. Its strata are formed by their own movement and are in continuous change. Then, there are the weeds that use the strata, the sand between them, and the water that serves as their food. Finally – one cannot see them, but their excrements prove their existence – there are the rabbits. They eat the weeds, drink the water and leave their excrements. The only trace of human existence is the existence of the work of art itself.

Technical aspects

  • Print on advertising tarpaulin
  • 500 x 55 cm