Le Bisou

videos and installations

‘Le Bisou’ is a video triptych about a meeting of 2 people. The texts have been improvised – the actors say aloud what comes to their mind while walking in the city. I improvised the piano music too. The sounds were recorded in the streets of Charleroi on just another normal day.

First, the central panel

When finally the faces touch, they kiss. This kiss is neither passionate nor squeamish. It’s almost the kiss of a couple who have known each other for a long time and who show confidence in their mutual feelings. Although nothing says that they know each other.

Then, the side panels

The entire bed is visible. The actors hardly move. Parts of their bodies stick out of the sheets, as if they had just had a nightmare, or as if they had been too hot under the duvet. Are they sleeping? Are they dreaming? They may remember the central part as something in the past, or the central part may be a foreshadowing of what will happen in the future….

And finally, the sound

On the one hand, the images are aesthetic and universal. And on the other, what the actors say (and therefore think) seems rather trivial. Normally we never get so “deep” into the unfiltered thoughts of others and attribute the others a ‘higher’ level of intellectual activity. So this is probably part of the area between the real and the imaginary of our vision of the other.

Technical aspects

  • Video installation
  • Triptych with a big central screen (about 100 cm) and equal or smaller side screens. The screens are placed vertically.
  • Each screen contains an endless loop
  • To be installed in a completely black and silent environment


  • BB.ours
  • Jeanette Bamurebe