This is a series of portraits that I took of my family. I have only one parent left, and I have one wife, one son and one dog. Therefore, a very linear presentation was possible: from old to young.

The photos talk about love, contact and distance – being Flemish, keeping distance is in our genes. And they talk about eating, alone and together, and waiting for the dinner to come: the best way to make contact.

This series contains a lot of themes that come back in the rest of my work.

Eating and being eaten, and the Darwinian equality between humans and animals. The idea of old age (and in a lesser degree: rebirth). We are waiting for our meal, like the crustaceans in ‘Waiting’ are waiting for theirs.


  • Suzanne De Volder
  • Guido Janssens
  • Gerda Van Damme
  • Boris Janssens
  • Titaan