Tuifly tb1771 – tb1772

Tuifly tb1771 - tb1772

Technical aspects

  • Booklet 30 pages
  • 21cm x 21 cm
  • Wire binded


  • Gerda Van Damme
  • The passengers of tb1771 – tb1772

Going to Tenerife and getting back: Tuifly tb1771 – tb1772 was one of my saddest trips ever

I had to go to Tenerife to sell an apartment that we had on the north coast. It used to be my favorite place to get away from the Belgian rush. It was also my hiding place to recuperate from my yearly asthma crises during the hay fever season. Selling it meant really a big loss to me. During my earlier trips before, my fellow travellers in the airplane always seemed strange and even irrealistic to me. Their archetypical tourist attitude made them look a bit ‘from outer space’. But on this time I had this sensation even more intense, probably because of the knowledge that it would be (more or less) the last time.

I didn’t took a camera with me, I simply went with my mobile phone. I tried to use it a little bit like a ‘normal’ tourist would do. But I guess the final outcome doesn’t look like tourists photos.