The End (The artist presenting his mothers head)

The end (The artist presenting his mothers head)

The End: A work about guilt and irriversability.

After a series of subsequent strokes my mother stayed a long time in hospitals and homes. Communication became more and more impossible, and in her head hallucinations took the place of reality.

So that was the end.

As it came near, my feeling of guilt became more and more intense, and I placed myself in the center of her continuous nightmare. I combined one of her favorite hallucinations – a head on a tray – with her former favorite hobbies: gastronomy and medieval and baroque art.

See also ‘Le Cheval Amical‘.

Technical aspects:

  • Photocollage on dibond
  • 148 x 148 cm
  • Can be presented as an installation with a statue of an angel on a pedestal with ivy and 2 candles


  • Guido Janssens
  • Livia Verdelli
  • Vany Verdelli
  • Mia