Mémoire des Pierres (Memory of the stones)

videos and installations

What remains after the end?

When a sound sounds, it reflects against the walls, the floors, the ceiling and the surroundings. Over and over again. With each reflection it becomes less loud, to eventually merge into the endless noise of all the sounds that have ever been. But his energy remains, forever.

When a beam of light falls on an object, it reflects. On the object, against the walls, the floors, the ceiling and the surroundings. The shape of the object is no longer recognizable, but the light beam continues to reflect and continues its journey, forever.

The image and sound of what happens in a space, always remain there: la mémoire des pierres, the memory of the stones.


On August 6, 2022 at 18:00:00, Anne Queffélec played “Nun komm der Heiden Heiland” by JS Bach, BWV 659a, arranged by Ferrucio Busoni and performed as part of the Festival de l’Eté Mosan. The concert took place on the inner court of the Prieuré d’Anseremme, in Dinant (Belgium).

I recorded her version, cut it into pieces, and superimposed it into layers: all the musical (and visual) information was mixed as if it were reflections of the space itself. Sounds from the environment that I recorded the day before (sounds of the Meuse, nature, the marina) were added.

Half an hour after the performance, during the break of the concert around 18:40 p.m., the mix was projected on the (natural stone) walls of the prioré in an endless loop: La Mémoire des Pierres. The stones of the Prieuré testified of the music that had taken place within her walls.

Technical aspects

  • Performance/video
  • Video projection on a natural stone wall, variable size
  • Audio


  • Anne Queffélec
  • The Festival de l’Eté Mosan, Bernard Mouton and his crew
  • Mr. Marc de Villenfagne and his family