Photography Timelines

As a counterpoint of the works that treat timespans that go beyond the human experience, I wanted to show the normal time-and-space experience that we all have.

Photographs of some cities in Euskadi and some pictures of Gijon formed the basis of City/Ciudad. This environment seemed a perfect counterpoint to the strata-composition of Rocks and Rabbits.

Vivid (and less vivid) colors, an amazing anarchy of building styles. Rectangular forms form their own rhythm, interrupted by anonymous human beings. The image evokes history that goes back to the fifties, but not beyond that. Except for the rocks and the sand that were used in the concrete and the glass used in the buildings.

City/Ciudad is much bigger than the other works in the series. It was important to me that the human figures were ‘real size’ so that the spectator could be absorbed into the photo.

Technical aspects

  • Print on advertising tarpaulin
  • 1000 x 94 cm